One of the most collectible franchises of all time is getting ready to make a splash in the trading card game world!

The much anticipated release of Disney Lorcana TCG is expected in early August 2023. Likely motivated by the success of other companies in the TCG space like Hasbro, and Nintendo, Disney is partnering with Ravensburger to help launch their first physical card game. 

This is not the first time Disney is pairing with Ravensburger, die-hard Disney fans likely remember Disney Villainous, which was more less a Disney themed board game. 

Disney Lorcana will offer collectors Booster Boxes, Blister Packs, Starter Decks, Gift Sets, and the Illumineer’s Trove. MSRP on these items ranges from $5.99 up to $149.99. 

Disney fans will also have their chance to get their hands on Disney Lorcana supplies. Multiple design variations of sleeves, deck boxes, playmats, and binders will be available to help you protect and play with your Disney Lorcana cards. 

So the question remains, where does Disney Lorcana fall amongst its competitors like Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Flesh and Blood, Metazoo, Weiss Schwarz, Yu-Gi-Oh, and countless more trading card games? While time will certainly tell the story, here’s some interesting pieces to note. 

Earlier this year at the D23 Expo exclusive copies of the first Disney Lorcana cards were distributed to members. The set of 7 cards all graded in a PSA 10 sold multiple times for a but over $15,000 a few times in late January. The hype has not cooled off yet as now copies of the Mickey Mouse PSA 10 and Elsa PSA 10 have both reached over $4,000 as of early April. 

Disney Lorcana is still going to need more than just a hot start to compete with veterans of the trading card game space like Magic the Gathering, and Pokemon. 

Disney Lorcana products as well as tournaments can be found in shop at Layton Gaming as well as online at upon the release of the TCG later this year.